Mahnaz Banian

Mahnaz Banian

Coach, Facilitator, Business Owner

„I am a Coach, Facilitator, Bush7iness Owner, Creator, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and a regular Human Being 🙂

I work with groups of people and individuals from all areas of society. I support them to live a life which is aligned to their true essence, and to connect to their own wisdom, (in which all the answers lie).

Have you ever felt stuck at a crossroads? Have you been confused about your own thinking? Have you ever been challenged by society’s conventions and how you fit in? Do you feel like a hamster running on a wheel, going through a cycle of the same thing, day in and day out? I know how you feel!

I was born and brought up in London, a second generation British Asian. My parents encouraged me and my siblings to study hard to get good grades for a good job, independence, and the prospects of a like-minded partner in life. At university I soon realised that I couldn’t balance a balance sheet, my economics teacher had opinions which didn’t fit with who I was at the time, and I fell into Computer Science.

I loved it! By 2003 I was the Global Head of Sales Technology in a German Investment Bank in the City of London. However, a number of factors contributed to leaving this career: I had spent 10 years in banking, there were personal health issues in my family, and most significantly I experienced a huge shift when I received some Executive Coaching.

I then went to an outplacement agency, where I met someone who asked me to read “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho. I began my journey in search of something which fitted me. Not in accordance with what society dictated, but for me. I made a commitment to give back what I had received. To learn new things (and never stop!), to experience. So I did. I learnt to swim, ride a bicycle and a scooter, climbed the highest mountain in the UK, did a charity Skydive, swam with dolphins, created a family and travelled.

As the years went on and I worked with more and more people, I realised a truth I had forgotten. I learnt that human beings have a fundamental need to be seen. To be recognised and loved. Not in a way that has a motive or an outcome, not with conditions, not through fear. And so I am, and I continue to learn.

I feel that I have helped others to realise that being confused or even not knowing is ok. Being comfortable with how things are, acceptance. And then support them in creating what it is they want for themselves. Not through Ego, but from the Heart. From the inside while holding feelings which fit that vision. By being authentic about what feels right and allowing the action to unfold, effortlessly.

Many of the people I have worked with have achieved wonderful results. Finding a partner, building their own business, being more effective as a leader, those who are challenged by health issues or just being more comfortable in their own skin. They have had to shift their perceptions, their thinking, the details around their visions. Reconnecting to a deeper truth and allowing that to guide them, essentially knowing they are loved and protected. It is truly humbling to see the results and to share this journey with them.

The essence of the solution is about connecting to yourself, being present, letting go and from a space of open and relaxed being, to create a Vision. To put energy into its creation and allow the action to unfold.

I’ve spent the past 15 years investing in my growth and development and feel blessed to have been able to do this. It has been a roller coaster ride at times, with thoughts of doubt, questions about who I am or where I am going, and complete and utter confusion. And I am so glad. I’ve arrived in a place where I think the same, yet feel very different. I live for each moment, enjoy moments creating for the future and know that my presence is the only time my spirit is connected and I feel alive here and now.

Our journeys are all unique and we will travel that road via the choices we make. Whether we believe that this is through destiny from a higher order or by chance, we will live it. The question I come back to time and time again is: What do you want? If you’re reading this, I would love to know. When we have a clear compelling vision and we get out of our own way, there is a very high probability that we will get exactly what we ask for.”

About Mahnaz

Mahnaz has studyed with some of the best trainers in the world. She is a Master NLP practitioner, Consultant, Trainer and Coach, and she has trained with Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts, Tim Holborn, Suzi Smith and Jan Elffline (ITS), Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier at NLP University in Santa Cruz and has resourced at trainings in both ITS and NLPU.

She has also attended Tony Robbins Mastery University and has trained on generative work with Stephen Gilligan. More recently, Mahnaz has trained with “The 3 principals” with Kimbeley Hare of Kaizen Training.

But most of all, Mahnaz considers that she learnes the best from people: from colleagues, the connections she makes in learning spaces, her clients, friends, family and more important than most, children and the elderly.

She is hosting events like:

  • “Visioning” training once a year in London, around November/December
  • Annual Health Space somewhere in Europe in January. To kick start the New Year and for participants to realign with themselves. A space to relax and be. She hold one in Cyprus and more recently Malta this year. She envisions a new location every year.


She is in the throws of planning an intimate Coaching Training for people who wish to learn how to coach or are interested in uping their coaching game.

Mahnaz is working with a wide range of people. She has clients in the banking and telecommunication sectors, to charities (staff who work with the elderly, care homes for disadvantaged boys and hospices). She works with people who are committed to self change. From those who want to increase their own self worth, to those who have challenging relationships. She takes a journey with people to help them to reconnect to their own wisdom and to trust in their intuition. Because no one knows the answer better than them!

What others say about Mahnaz

“I can’t really put into words what impact my time spent with Mahnaz has had on my life – I can try but I might not do it justice

“Mahnaz instinctively prompted my inner wisdom to secure a strong anchor, which I can use easily at any time”

“It helped me view things about myself with better clarity. Shed away a certain way I was viewing myself and my life Helped me attempt letting go of my past which has been preventing me from moving on. Reinstated that there is so much available and accessible in the humans we interact with”

“I have used Mahnaz`s services for personal coaching and I have found her to be a committed and very skilled coach. She is flexible, intuitive and experienced. During our coaching relationship I made concrete progress in the areas I choose to focus on and work with her.In particular her ability to ask original and powerful questions stand out vividly in my experience.I’m happy to recommend her coaching services”

“This has changed my perspective and perception about how can I be in control of my own life and be responsible of the decisions I make and sometimes life makes for me .. it all boils down to “if you can dream it you can make it or create it” this workshop helps you in both i.e. how to dream it and how to make it happen”

“Mahnaz created a space to be yourself and easily participate in workshops, the juices were delicious and really something i could take back home with me. Although i found it difficult to cope with the healthy food during the week, i came back feeling re-energised and fresh…I would recommend it to people who want to re-educate their palate, get out of unhealthy eating habits and get a sharper focus.”

“I have had an excellent opportunity to be coached by Mahnaz who has inspired me to lead a life that is more rewarding and full of excitement. Her approach is warm, welcoming and allows an individual to reach their goals in life, whatever they may be. I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to reach a positive difference in life, whether it is to attain success in love, career, finance or any other field, to attend a coaching session with Mahnaz. Commit yourself to the program and you are seriously changing your life for the good! Thank you Mahnaz for making the difference to my life and allowing me to touch the star.”

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of being personally coached by Mahnaz. I have benefited from her loving demeanour, patience, listening skills, courage and commitment amongst many of her attributes which makes her a great human being. She brought out the best in me and was pivotal in supporting me to turn one of my dreams into a tangible community project in a London school. I still refer to her as ‘Coach’ as it is acknowledgement for her contribution to me and my life. Thank you Mahnaz for assisting me in making a difference.”


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